Why Choose Cold Pressed Juice?

Its little wonder why cold pressed juices have gained a cult like following in recent times, the benefits are clear upon looking into how they work when compared with traditional methods.


The most common type of juicer is known as a ‘centrifugal’ juice extractor. This old type of juicer is one that you may have in your kitchen cupboard. They work by the fruit or vegetable being loaded into the container and a metal blade spinning around, separating the juice from the flesh and the juice and pulp then being separated into different containers. 


There is one distinct problem with centrifugal juice extractors – the heat they generate. With the blade spinning around at such a fast pace they generate a large amount of heat which in turn destroys much of the enzymes and nutrients, not only that but the heat oxidizes these nutrients, rendering the juice less nutritious. It doesn’t stop there as there are even further issues such as, lacking the ability to process nuts or to effectively process leafy greens, often being left with far less juice extracted when compared with a cold pressed juicer. This is all notwithstanding the practical disadvantages such as them being loud, yielding a large amount of pulp and they are also difficult to clean (Who likes cleaning up?).


Cold Pressed juice is a 2 step process whereby the fruit or vegetables are ground into a pulp and then a hydraulic press is used to squeeze juice out of the pulp, creating the juice. Given the 2 step process, there are 2 distinct benefits. Firstly, a cold press juicer is going to give you the highest juice yield. Secondly, and arguably the most important benefit that sets cold pressed juice above traditional centrifugal juicers is that it produces little to no heat. This means that your fresh ingredients nutrients are kept intact along with all the enzymes and the juice retains the maximum amount of nutrients. Oh, and they can also effectively break down nuts to make ‘milks’.


Upon looking at a fresh, cold pressed juice it’s clear why they are so popular not only with many at home but also many Hollywood celebrities. The juice appears darker and richer looking with hardly any pulp or froth. Many of us don’t get enough fruit or vegetables as it is, so why sacrifice the vitamins and nutrients to your old juicer?


May 14, 2016 by Made Juice
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