Health Benefits of Drinking Green Juice


There are many valuable benefits attached to drinking green juice. More and more people are enjoying green juice, and there are many great reasons for doing the same. Opt for green juice and your body will return to a healthy alkaline state, you’ll get excellent nutrition and quick absorption and will be able to enjoy a delicious, varied taste. 
Green juice can help you stay in control of calorie consumption and even aid you with weight loss whilst boosting immunity and energy levels. It’s even possible to get a day’s worth of vegetables in a single serving. The fruits and vegetables used to create green juice feature a host of minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and vitamins. The natural sugars found in your green juice can give you a fantastic natural energy boost. 
Drinking green juice is a great way to get most of the nutrition you need. Start drinking green juice and you can expect your skin to glow and your general well-being to improve dramatically.  Natural sugars from fruits won’t cause weight gain like processed sugars from junk food. Vegetables only contain very small amounts of sugar but will cleanse and detoxify your system, making the process of elimination much more effective. 
Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients you might find in a typical serving of green juice. Celery is an excellent source of Vitamins K, A and C as well as potassium, cucumber is great for keeping you hydrated and flushing out toxins, apples can help prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease, lemon juice is fantastic for cleaning out the liver and aids digestion whilst ginger can help with morning sickness and reduce muscle pain. Kale is also great for digestion and elimination and Romaine is super-rich in Vitamin K. Finally, parsley is great for the immune system, bones, nervous system and kidneys. 
Consuming fresh and raw vegetables can reduce junk food cravings significantly. Your body will be able to absorb all the nutrients it needs immediately as there will be no solid foods for your digestive system to break down, with the nutrients going straight into your bloodstream, helping you feel lighter. What’s more is that green juice allows you to enjoy a host of vegetables you may not normally encounter. 


April 12, 2016 by Made Juice
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